Simple eBikes,
big dreams.

Bonc was started with a simple vision, to create high value eBikes for the people.

With over 10 years in the eBike world building bikes under the well establish Joulvert Bikes, the team behind Bonc are no strangers to what makes a kick-ass bike.

Diffrent approach
What makes Bonc different is our approach -  we’ve simplified down the process and only kept whats important;  You and our bikes.

So that means no Middle-men. We operate Direct-To-Consumer via our online shop, meaning that we can focus on delivering to you at the best prices possible.

Here's how
we do it

The average reduced cost of our bikes by being a Direct- to- consumer brand
We do our design, development and customer services from our head office in London

“The bonc bike is the perfect blend of Function and form, all a great price”

Andrew s.
Sydney, Aus

Bonc riders have good things to say.

“I've been tracking my CO2 footprint, and my commute to work by car has been a big part of that. This ebike will reduce my yearly footprint by 800kg!!!!”
Raf T, London
“So elegant! It's earned its place in my living room.”
Sophie M, London
“I've been looking for an ebike with a hidden battery for ages, but they were always too expensive, so happy to find Bonc!”
Max B, Leeds
“I refuse to go back to travelling by train and bus, bonc is just funner, healthier and often quicker”
Jerome R, London